Remortgaging Northern Ireland

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What is Remortgaging?

Remortgaging is often undertaken when you want to switch to another lender, this involves paying off your existing mortgage.

However, it is often difficult to decipher whether or not it is financially worthwhile switching providers. This is due to your loan–to–value and various interest rates on the market. If you’re considering going down this path discover our seven steps to remortgaging.

Our Financial Advisors take the stress out of searching; we compare mortgage rates around Northern Ireland and the various remortgaging introductory deals which you could avail of. 

If you decide to remortgage, you can benefit from:

· More Flexibility

· Options to consolidate debt

· A better interest rate

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Financial Foresight

With over 33 years’ experience in the industry, Financial Foresight can provide you with quality, professional, remortgaging advice that you can trust. We take pride in representing our client’s interests and not the lenders. So you can trust we have your best interest at heart!

We carryout trusted remortgaging comparisons to find which remortgage rates are best suited to your personal requirements and needs. With any account, we aim to treat people how we would wish to be treated. Your mortgage is likely to be one of your most costly expenses so it’s important to get the best value and benefits for your money.

Taking guidance from an independent financial advisor gives you peace of mind that they will source the most suitable mortgage rate for you!

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